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Patio de los Perfumes is a perfume house and shop based in Granada, Southern Spain. It was founded by French perfumer Christian Pamies and his partner Valerie Sabini, who is a specialist in natural cosmetics. The perfume and beauty shop is located in a small old Spanish palace in the Albaicin district. The Albaicin district is the old Muslim part of Granada overseen by the Alhambra Palace and Generalife Fortress.

Patio de los Perfumes Esperessence

Two brands are sold in the shop: Patio de los Perfumes and Hevea. Patio de los Perfumes are the perfumes and their home fragrances. Hevea is the brand for the face and body products. These body and face products are sold on the HEVEA website as well. All products are reasonably priced. I would not call its perfumes high end but find the perfumes very well made especially given its price. When testing in the shop I concentrated on the perfumes and home fragrances and did not test the face products as there was too much to test.

Patio de los Perfumes Christian PamiesI found Patio de los Perfumes while visiting Granada. When I visited the shop owner and perfumer Christian Pamies very kindly agreed to explain about his perfume house. Monsieur Pamies was born and educated in Grasse (France). He used to visit a nearby Granada village as a little boy where his Spanish grandmother lived thus explaining his connection to Granada.

What impressed me most of Patio de los Perfumes was the way in which Granada is imbedded in their products. This is not in an artificial or cheap way to sell products to tourists but research was done to look for authentic ways to connect to the city and its interesting ancient history. Granada was the last city in Spain to be “reconquered” in 1492 from the Muslims by the Spanish Catholic Monarchs King Ferdinand II of Aragon and Queen Isabel of Castile.

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Monsieur Pamies is a perfumer and an etnobotanist. He researched raw materials used by the Muslims in perfume like Narcissus, Violet Leaf, Rose, Orange Blossom and Jasmine. Near Granada violets grow in the mountains as the area tends to have colder winters compared to other nearby coastal cities in Andalucía like Malaga.

Patio de los Perfumes Granada

A small perfume perfume museum can be visited in the basement for free with a perfume organ and some ancient perfume related objects. I especially loved the perfume organ, the roman incense ceramics and the display of rose enfleurage.

Patio de los Perfumes Rose EnfleurageIn some HEVEA body and face products Moroccan damask rose oil is used. The rose damask oil is extracted by using the classic enfleurage technique. But instead of infusing flowers in animal or vegetal fat rose petals are infused in jojoba oil. The rose oil is used in some of Hevea body oils and creams. I bought a body oil to try. It was a pity pure rose oil was not on sale but this might be due to its high price.

Patio de los Perfumes has a cologne-, attar-, solid perfume- and perfume line. I tested most of the colognes, solid perfumes and attars. The colognes all have an amber base with the aim to smell longer. I bought the cologne Divino, a striking longer lasting classic cologne. Divino reminded me of Mona di Orio Eau Absolue. The sour lemon note is quite similar on my skin which at moments is both surprising and challenging. Large one liter cologne bottles are sold in the store as can be seen on the photograph. I would have bought one if I could have taken it with me.

Patio de los Perfumes Incense BurnerIn the Patio of the Palace drinks are offered and incense is burned in old roman replica incense burners. Herbs and local plants are sold as well. The cafetaria is well worth a visit on its own. The kind, patient and knowledgeable shop assistants in the shop were a relief and a joy to experience.

Bottom line: if you visit Granada this shop is certainly worth a visit.

Disclaimer: all products mentioned in this article were bought by me, I was not compensated for this article in any way.

Photographs: made by me and my partner

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Patio de los Perfumes Perfume Organ

For more information about Rose Enfleurage by Hevea see inclosed link. Or read a previous article about the ancient art of Enfleurage.
  For more information about Patio de los Perfumes see inclosed link. HEVEA products can be bought on line and I found a shop in Amsterdam which sells some of its range.

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