Sammarco Bond-T Perfume Review

Sammarco Bond-T Perfume Review

Bond-T was inspired by a visit to a chocolate factory in Pisa of Dutch born chocolate master Paul de Bondt which explains the puzzling name of the perfume. Smelling this perfume with the dry dusty dark chocolate, sweet patchouli and subtle animalic notes makes me curious of this chocolate factory and its special chocolates.

Bond-T is very well balanced as it is never too candy sweet and the dirty animalic notes  combined with the chocolate make it interesting and distinctive. It does not smell like you just applied an expensive bonbon on your arm although it is clearly a chocolate centred fragrance.

Bond-T was launched by Italian perfumer Giovanni Sammarco in 2013 and is only sold as an extrait de parfum (pure perfume) It is a very suited fragrance for the cold weather (including snow!) we are having in Amsterdam at the moment.

Bond-T is a rather soothing fragrance which makes you take a step back and stand with both feet on the ground probably due to the grounding patchouli.

I wouldn’t mind a full bottle of this elegant perfume as I really enjoy wearing Bond-T from time to time.

Notes: Cacao, Patchouli, Vanilla, Osmanthus and Tobacco (as of official site)  Indie Scents mentions Castoreum as well as a note.

Do you like chocolate centered perfumes? If so, do you have a favorite one?

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Disclosure: Photographs were made by Esperessence


Perfume Review: 4160 Tuesdays Silk, Lace and Chocolate

Cornwallis Art

4160 Tuesdays Silk Lace and Chocolate does not remind me of an exquisite hand made Belgium expensive chocolate. But more of a large box filled with heart shaped chocolates with an artificial strawberry filling. The chocolate box would be bought at your local super market, not an exclusive chocolate shop. The idea of the Mon Cheri chocolates we used to have here, but instead of a cherry, filled with liquid strawberry. Not too complicated or sofisticated but still very playfull and fun. A nice gift depending on your taste for chocolates and perfume. It would be a great eau de parfum for an introduction to perfume for little kids as well.

4160 Tuesdays Silk, Lace and Chocolate

I really enjoyed the chocolate scent in this perfume but found the strawberry to be too artificial and plasticky almost. But I can imagine others will enjoy it. It is not too sweet for a gourmand and edible fragrance. It was originally made for Valentine’s day as a limited edition but can be bought now online.

Notes: Cocoa absolute, strawberry, bergamot (Luckyscent)

What 4160 Tuesdays says about Silk, Lace and Chocolate: It’s made with cocoa absolute, such an intense chocolate scent that it almost knocks you down with pleasure. Try this instead of eating a chocolate bar.

4160 Tuesdays advent Calender

Did you try Silk, Lace and Chocolate? Or other 4160 Tuesdays fragrances? Do you have a favorite one?

Strawberry painting: made by Mary-Clare Cornwallis