Joyfull perfume

How perfume can be more to you than a nice fragrance

Narcissus Perfume can be more to you than a nice fragrance or scent. It can add something you crave for or lack at that moment like joy, feminity, elegance, calmness, softness, feeling beautiful or sexy.

At times when I crave for a feminine scent like Pure Distance Opardu I am not exactly wearing feminine clothes but I would like to feel more feminine. When I want to feel joyful I reach for Hilde Soliani Luce or uplifted Hermes Eau D’Orange Verte.

Before selecting a fragrance I ask myself what do I need or crave for at this moment and which fragrance can help me with this after which I select a scent. You can try this for yourself. One way to do if you haven’t a whole collection of perfumes is to use sample kits like I did with the Pure Distance sample set and Opardu and see what different perfumes can do by experimenting with them.

Moment of Stillness

By using the different tags on this website you can learn more and see what different fragrances can do for you.

What is your experience. Do you feel perfume can do something extra for you?

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LM Parfums O des Soupirs by Mona di Orio

Finding ‘new’ Mona di Orio fragrances can create the same feeling of joy as the discovery of a Van Gogh painting. It is a rare delight. As many of you might know Mona di Orio died very suddenly from a minor medical procedure in December 2011 at the age of 42. At this moment one of her un launched fragrances has just been introduced by the Dutch perfume company Maison Mona di Orio: Eau Absolue. Later this year another ‘new’ fragrance will be presented by Maison Mona di Orio for the Les Nombres d’Or Exclusive line.

Some weeks ago I read on the parfumaria website some of the Laurent Mazzone (LM) perfumes were attributed to the perfumer Mona di Orio. This had been rumored before on several perfume websites but it was never officially confirmed by LM Parfums. Yesterday LM Parfums officially confirmed three perfumes were made by the perfumer Mona di Orio: Ambre Muscadin, O des Soupirs and Patchouly Boheme. I will review O des Soupirs briefly.

O des Soupirs is a very happy uplifting original floral perfume. The opening was a bit off putting as it reminded me of the scent of plastic dolls and gave me the impression of something artificial but after its top notes its scents were wonderfully uplifting to me. At this moment it is my favorite of the three perfumes but this might be due to the season we are in, as it is spring time. O des Soupirs gives me the feeling of a young girl being in a candy store and feeling intense joy of choosing a candy. The purity of innocent joy like the children on the painting.

O des Soupirs means water of sighs, O being short for eau. What a beautiful delicate name for a perfume ! Lovers of fragrances made by Mona di Orio can enjoy these three newly found perfumes. I can imagine this to be very happy news for lovers of Mona di Orio perfumes.

LM Parfums can be bought at,, and and many other niche perfume shops online.

Do you own a perfume made by Mona di Orio ? Which one is your favourite ?

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Painting by John Singer Sargent, Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose, 1885-1886,  copyright Tate of Britain.

First published on April 8th, 2013 Re edited: August 11, 2015

Hilde Soliani Luce A brand new day !

takingflightSome months ago I tested many Hilde Soliani fragrances. I really loved scenting these perfumes as they are so different from other fragrances I have tried before. Hilde Soliani is an Italian perfumer with a passion for teatre and Italian haute cuisine. The Hilde Soliani Facebook page shows her many times near a master chef and helping him with his cooking. Hilde Soliani has 4 different perfume lines.  Profumo e gusto in liberta was inspired by haute cuisine dishes. Teatro Olfattivo di Parma was inspired by local theatre in Parma.  Ti amo was inspired by flowers and Gli Invisibili was inspired by emotional events in her personal life. Some bottles might seem a bit odd. At first I was put off a bit by the bottles of the Gli Invisibili line with a crucifix on them.

What struck me most about Hildes fragrances was the joy they brought me and probably the pleasure of Hilde making her fragrances. They are different from anything I have tried before, very original and fresh. Their structure does not seem very complicated. They do not change a lot on my skin as other perfumes might do. But their simplicity might be deceiving. They are really well made. Hilde is very original in her combination of scents like strawberry and salt in Fraaagola Saalaaata and custard cream with cherries flavoured leaves of tobacco in Doolciiisssimo.

One of the fragrances I enjoyed most was Luce of the Profumo e Gusto in Liberta line. Luce means light in Italian and was inspired by the birth of a child of a friend of Hilde, a new born child bringing light to the earth and joy to the ones around him/her. Personally I would find it more logical if Luce would have been in the Gli Invisibli line, a liquid emotion and not in the haute cuisine line.

birth2010Luce is all about powder, baby powder. Somehow it reminded me of the almond coated sweets given to visitors when a child is born in Spain and maybe other countries too. It would be very suited to scent a birth announcement card with Luce. Hilde Soliani keeps her notes/ingredients secret like a master chef who does not convey his recipes. The emotion Luce brought me was of pure joy, the same pleasure I experience while watching the scene brand A brand new day (everybody rejoice) in the movie The Wiz (1978).  But at the same time Luce is very relaxing and comforting.  A very interesting combination, bringing delight and cosiness at the same time.

Luce is sold in a 100 ml bottle. I really wish Hilde Soliani would introduce a discovery set of her fragrances or smaller 30 ml bottles as Parfums de Nicolai does. Swiss perfumer Andy Tauer recently introduced an explorer set and the French perfume brand Jul et Mad small 5 ml bottles.

Give Luce a try if you like other (very different takes on powder) perfumes like:

Lorenzo Villoresi Teint de Neige

Laura Tonatto Dama

Parfums de Nicolai Kiss me Tender

Guerlain L’Heure Bleue (according to Patricia de Nicolaï, perfumer and the president of the

Osmothèque perfume conservatory, the universal symbol of the word powdery in perfumes)


A sample of Luce was provided for pr purposes. This did not influence my review.

Paintings Taking flight 2011 and Birth 2010 are both made by Henriette Hackenberg.


Originally published November 4, 2013


update march 12th 2014 : Hilde Soliani informed Luce is from the Momenti line


A brand new day / Everybody Rejoice The Wiz