Yosh Sottile Stunningly Beautiful

Photograph by Esperessence

Photograph by Esperessence

Today I scented my second perfume of the American perfumer Yosh Han, Sottile. Its name means subtle in Italian. Again I was amazed by her perfume. Its natural beauty and pure elegance is stunning. It felt like putting on a white transparent light shawl while wearing a beautiful white long dress, simple but very elegant.

Sottile is very light and almost ethereal, as a perfume the Italian perfumer Olivia Giacobetti could have made. Within an hour Sottile has evolved into a (green) white flower natural light perfume which stays very close to the skin. The way a natural tea rose could scent.

When I look in my own perfume collection this is the opposite of a perfume made by the French perfumer Maurice Roucel for Guerlain; Insolence eau de parfum. While Insolence is big, very present having tremendous sillage, Sottile is light, elegant, sensitive and graceful.

If the name had not already been taken by Philosophy it could have been called Inner Grace or Pure Grace. As Yosh perfumes work on a deeper energetic level not only scenting you, it connected me to my inner grace and sensitivity.

This review could be of two words: stunning and beautiful. Like the natural elegance and grace of a flower.

Notes: tea rose and lily of the valley

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First published: September 2012

Re edited: September 5, 2015