How to create a scent memory

Positive shopping experiences create scented memories and impact the joy of wearing a fragrance.  From your experience with the sales assistent, the way the parcel was wrapped, the samples that were given and how you were treated. 

Going to a beautiful shop, being helped by a kind sales assistent or owner of the shop to choose or sell you the fragrance will effect the pleasure of wearing a fragrance. This way you build a scented memory.

I keep this mind whenever I can when I am to buy a fragrance. If possible I prefer to go to a good looking shop, talk to the staff, have my parcel gift wrapped with added samples and bring it home. If this is not possible, I prefer to buy online at a store where I know unpacking a parcel is an wonderful experience on its own like Place Vendome in Wevelgem (Belgium).

I find it worthwhile to pay a little extra for a perfume in a shop or on postage when I know I will have a good buying experience.

My best perfume buying experience was at a small perfume shop in Paris, Marie Antoinette. Antonio de Figueiredo, the owner, took his  time to show me all his fragrances. He listened carefully to my wishes and gave me some samples to try before buying. When we returned the next day to his shop he remembered what I liked. He suggested some new fragrances which I would enjoy. His suggestion was spot-on. Antonio de Figueiredo knew what he was selling and what his customer would like quite clearly.  I bought Jardins D’Ecrivains George and enjoy it everytime I wear it. Not only do I like George for its scent but the whole buying experience as well.

You can build a scented memory when you buy online, though it is not entirely the same experience. But mailing with staff from an online store and unwrapping a parcel will build a scented memory. Afterwards it will have impact on the fragrance you are wearing.

So keep this in mind when you are about to buy your new fragrance in a shop or online. If you got an snappy e mail from a webshop owner or treated badly in a perfume shop, it does impact the joy you experience while wearing a fragrance. On some  level you will always be reminded of this negative experience.

Bottomline: when buying a fragrance keep in mind that your buying experience impacts the joy of wearing a fragrance.

What was your best perfume shopping experience ever ? Tell us about it !

Photo: Antonio de Figueiredo in perfume shop Marie Antoinette, Paris