How I Adopted My Ginger Cat Rubio and ⭐️ Happy NEW Year ⭐️

Warning ⚠️ This is not a perfume related story*

⭐️ Happy, Joyful and Abundant New Year! ⭐️ It’s a bit late so I hope you had a very good start of the year.

We celebrated New Years Eve quietly together with Rubio as we didn’t want to leave him alone at New Year’s Eve with all the fire works outside. Rubio was not impressed by the noise or light this year fortunately.  In december I started opening my samples from the Advent Calendar but I didn’t like it as much as the 4160 Tuesdays Advent Calendar several years ago as I knew this time which samples were included. But I loved some perfumes and might review them. Those who follow me on Instagram were able to see which samples I tested. I wanted to photograph the samples each day for Instagram but it turned out it was not always possible due to time, light or energy.

In the aftermath of the Christmas holiday I want to share how my ginger cat Rubio came to stay with me as I adopted him from Spain. Rubio has been with me for 6 years and came to stay with me in a very special and surprising way. Six years ago I was longing to have a cat again after having lost my 20 year old cat Philippe 6 months before. But where to start? I started looking on our Dutch ebay Marktplaats and after a few days I saw Rubio in an ad as a kitten. He looked absolutely stunning. The ad said he had been adopted from Almería, Southern Spain which made him even more interesting as my mother was from Southern Spain. The young Spanish woman Marina, who had brought him to Amsterdam, adopted him from a Cat Asylum in Almería and brought Rubio with other kittens by plane on her own. Rubio had been found on the streets in Almería with his little brother and sister.

As luck or fate had it, Marina turned out to live very near my home. I went to see Rubio or so I thought. When I visited Marina I stayed for over an hour and only got to see a glimpse of little Rubio as he hided under a bed. Returning home disappointed I wondered what to do. Marina explained he was a very friendly and lovely cat. As she lived nearby she offered to bring him to me so he could stay with me for a day and decide later. At my home he came to see me very quickly and fully trusting. Had Marina not brought him to me I wonder what I had done. Peter my fiance urged me to give Rubio a chance so this helped as well. As it turns out Rubio is scared for people he doesn’t know. When the door bell rings he hides so people visiting mostly get to see him on photographs. As a kitten something must have happened to him to become so scared of people and children as well. On his own he is a very friendly cat who likes to be around you with a very strong and outspoken character.

Rubio seeing snow as a kitten and a few years later

Before Rubio I adopted another much older cat called Philippe (or Felipe) from the Poezenboot. The Poezenboot is a cat asylum in a boat on a canal in Amsterdam. From time to time I visit their website to see which cats they have for adoptions. But having Rubio is enough, he likes to have a lot of attention so I will not be getting another cat soon.  But if you are thinking about taking a cat and live nearby Amsterdam, have a look at their website. Don’t shop but adopt a cat if you can. He  or she will thank you for it. Rubio has helped me get through hard times and is always there for me as a wonderful companion. I am very happy he found his way to me from the streets of Almeria to Amsterdam and I was able to help him and give him a good life as well.

Do you have a cat? Or dog or other pet? How did it find its way to you?

*warning was inspired by a post by Undina.

Link to De Poezenboot, the “Catboat”

✨ Happy New Year ✨

Thank you for following my blog this year. I am very grateful to meet you here ❤️ and share my passion for perfume and beauty with you. Writing this blog and making its photographs is really joyful and inspiring. I love to connect with you and read your comments.

As the year 2018 closes, the door of 2019 slowly opens like the door in House Bartolotti in Amsterdam. A new museum house next to the Herengracht canal I recently discovered and enjoyed visiting.

Which doors do you wish to open in 2019 ? What would you like to experience? I haven’t thought about it myself into very much detail but I am taking time to do this today.

Wishing you a joyful happy abundant and healthy 2019 filled with love, connection, laughter and beauty!

Blessings to you and all your loved ones, your furries as well! ❤️✨ See you in 2019 !

Which doors do you wish to open in 2019 ? What would you like to experience?

Rubio says Hi




🎄Wishing You A Joyful Christmas!✨Feliz Navidad! 🎄

Wishing you and all your loved ones a joyful, relaxed and happy Christmas and Christmas Holidays!

Have you decided on your Christmas clothes or most importantly your perfume? I am still deciding on which Christmas fragrance to wear. Guerlain Winter Delice, a beautiful combination of vanilla and pine. Another choice would be balsamic warm MariaLux Mogadess for it’s scent reminiscent of Spanish Christmas Nougat (turrón blando) or soft elegant oriental floral INeke Evening Edged in Gold. My home will be smelling of Frankincense and Diptyque Oranger (a scented candle smelling of oranges and clove).

BIG Question? What fragrance will you be wearing on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Will you burn a special scented candle or essential oils to fragrance your home?

Have a wonderful Christmas 🎄, with love Esperanza 🌸