Happy 2016 and my 2015 favorite fragrances!


I wish a very happy and light New Year’s Eve with your loved ones celebrating!

Hope you enjoyed my website and articles this year.

This year I did not test many fragrances and wore only a small part of my collection. The fragrances I wore most were Envoyage Perfumes Fiore di Bellagio for day time and during nightime Le Labo Labdanum.

Some new amazingly beautiful fragrances found their way to me too, like Aftelier Parfum Prive which I won in a Facebook contest and I treasure as it is such a warming precious scent due to one of its ingredients true Ambergris. Amazing! Roja Dove had a fabulous sale, as most of you will know. I was able to buy Vetiver extrait and Unspoken extrait, two outstanding scents. Another surprise this year was Guerlain Sous Le Vent which I bought from a Greek perfume lover at the end of the Greece crisis. And one of my favorite chocolate scents was added to my collection Indigo Vanilla from Envoyage Perfumes.

What was your most worn fragrance in 2015?

Hope you enjoyed reading and will revisit my blog in 2016.

Wishing you a very healthy, bright, happy and loving 2016!

Esperanza Fiore