April Aromatics Irisistible Perfume Review

Notes: Iris Pallidia from Italy, Jasmine Grandiflorum from India, Rose absolute from Bulgaria, Lemon from Italy, Tuberose from India,  Cassia from Sri Lanka, Sandalwood

Dusty dry roots of the Italian iris flower turn into white powder with a very light fresh citrus lemon. Petals of jasmine and rose show a beautiful bouquet of delicate white transparent flowers with dry powder, the root of the iris never leaving during its wear.

Berlin based perfumer Tanja Bochnig uses the best natural raw materials she can find thus taking 2 years to create Irisistible.

When I first tried Irisistible I was immensely touched as it brought a feeling of divine connection and hope that everything is in order just the way it is. In these restless times bringing such a immensely important feeling of hope can be very reassuring. It has certainly helped and is still aiding me!

Irisistible in short: hopeful and reassuring

Have you tried Irisistible? Or another fragrance from April Aromatics?

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