Perfume Review: 4160 Tuesdays Silk, Lace and Chocolate

Cornwallis Art

4160 Tuesdays Silk Lace and Chocolate does not remind me of an exquisite hand made Belgium expensive chocolate. But more of a large box filled with heart shaped chocolates with an artificial strawberry filling. The chocolate box would be bought at your local super market, not an exclusive chocolate shop. The idea of the Mon Cheri chocolates we used to have here, but instead of a cherry, filled with liquid strawberry. Not too complicated or sofisticated but still very playfull and fun. A nice gift depending on your taste for chocolates and perfume. It would be a great eau de parfum for an introduction to perfume for little kids as well.

4160 Tuesdays Silk, Lace and Chocolate

I really enjoyed the chocolate scent in this perfume but found the strawberry to be too artificial and plasticky almost. But I can imagine others will enjoy it. It is not too sweet for a gourmand and edible fragrance. It was originally made for Valentine’s day as a limited edition but can be bought now online.

Notes: Cocoa absolute, strawberry, bergamot (Luckyscent)

What 4160 Tuesdays says about Silk, Lace and Chocolate: It’s made with cocoa absolute, such an intense chocolate scent that it almost knocks you down with pleasure. Try this instead of eating a chocolate bar.

4160 Tuesdays advent Calender

Did you try Silk, Lace and Chocolate? Or other 4160 Tuesdays fragrances? Do you have a favorite one?

Strawberry painting: made by Mary-Clare Cornwallis

Ormonde Jayne Tolu Scented Candle

Ormonde Jayne perfumery is a London based fragrance company. It was founded by Linda Pilkington. She says about its foundation: ” my goal was to combine elements which define true elegance, the quality of English craftsmanship, the art of French perfumery and the sensuality and natural harmony of the Orient.” Ormonde Jayne has a collection of 16 fragrances at this moment including her Four Corners of the Earth Collection with the exquisite Nawab of Oudh.

Tolu is sold as an eau de parfum, body lotion, shower gel, bath oil and a scented candle. From time to time Tolu is offered as an extrait, as a gift with purchase. I have the eau de parfum, extrait (pure perfume) and scented candle.

Tolu is a precious Peruvian tree resin used as a raw perfumery material. The eau de parfum Tolu was created in 2002. At the beginning it smells quite rich, deep and powerful but light and fresh at the same time. Later it becomes more ambery, golden, smooth and sweet. The fragrance has the structure of caramel. It is suited for colder weather. I found the extrait – scented candle to have more similarities than the eau de parfum and the scented candle. The pure perfume and candle are both more amber and golden than the fresher eau de parfum. My personal impression is that the extrait and scented candle are more concentrated on the original balsamic base notes and fresher lighter herbal (top) notes have been added to the eau de parfum.

The painting The Golden Temple captures the essence of the scented candle beautifully; golden from the frankincense, orange from the orange blossom, the caramel smoothness from the tolu and amber.

THE Golden Temple

The large scented candle holds 260 grams of wax according to the Ormonde Jayne website and has 2 wicks to burn very evenly in my experience. If you burn it one hour it scents a large room. I bought my candle during an online sale last year, used it during the winter time and just started using it again. It is one of the best scented candles I own but comes with quite a price tag (48 British Pound Sterling / 60 euro). I would recommend to wait for an online sale and I understand one is coming up very soon. So check the Ormonde Jayne website if you plan to buy one. To me burning this candle is the ultimate indulgence. It would make an excellent Christmas or Sinterklaas gift as well.

Tolu candles can be bought in London or in Ormonde Jayne’s online store. More info at

Notes: (according to the official Ormonde Jayne website)

Top notes: Juniper Berry, Orange Blossom, and clary sage

Heart notes: Orchid, Moroccan Rose and Muguet

Base notes: Tolu, Tonka Bean, Golden Frankincense and Amber

Fragrance Family: Deep Oriental (Michael Edwards) Oriental Woody (Fragantica)

Perfumer: Geza Schoen

Painting: The Golden Temple by Henriette Hackenberg

Disclosure: all products mentioned in this article were bought by me